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In searching my ASCHNER roots several names have come up, that I don't know
anything about, on various on line searches. Recently I spied this in a AJCS
cemetary report for "Mohacs is located at 45.59 longitude / 18.42
latitude, 50km >from Szekszard, in Baranya, ... A noteworthy Jew buried in this
Neolog cemetery is Aschner Lipot. "
-and elsewhere I came upon this (translation would be profoundly appreciated)
Emlekezes Aschner Liptra az Egyesult Izzo centenariuman 454. old. (10. sz.)
Iden Horvath Jozsef, a Tungsram-Schreder vezet je es reszben birtokosa kapta
az Aschner Lipot-d jat, amit az "ev menedzsere" elismereskent is szoktak

The Terezin deportation material had this:
Aschner,Max (24.2.1897,Hradiste pod Vratnom,3.7.1942)
Aschner,Rosa Sara (21.6.1870,Vrbovce,28.12.1943)
I am wondering if it might be mother and son. My gt grandfather Adolph Aschner
was born in Hradiste in 1861. His parents Salomon ASCHNER and Netti
(Ernestine?) LOW'Y had lived there, Iglo,(Spisska Novy Ves), and Kassa
(Kosice). He had a brother Sigmund and sisters Fani and Josephine (Pepi).
Fani married a Mr. BUCHWALD in Wien and their child Malvina came to the US as
a governess for the Gould family.Mimi (Buchwald) Grossberg , the noted
Austrian writer, is a cousin. I am also seeking to find out what happened
to cousin Victor Aschner and his father Sigmund, (Adolph's brother) who lived
in Wien in the IX district, mail ceased in the mid-30s.
Also, I also believe there is a street in Budapest named for Lipot Aschner.
Now this is not a very common name so I wonder if there are any of you out
there who might know anything about these people that can help me fill in my
tree. I would be most grateful. thank you. Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

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