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Vivian Kahn

I have a list of addresses for the 22 Budabest civil registry offices that
was published in the Spring 1996 issue of Regi Magyarorszag. If no one
else has this list in electronic form, I'd be happy to provide addresses
for individual districts. When I have the time, I'll transcribe the whole
list so we can add it to the H-SIG website.

Vivian Kahn

Eleanor Bien wrote:

Subject: Re: Budapest civil registration
From: Lebn@...
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 06:37:01 EST
X-Message-Number: 7

I found the address for the l X district in Budapest and wrote a letter in
Hungarian requesting a death certificate. The turn around time should be
about 3-4 weeks. I gave them my email and also my fax # in the event they can
communicate with me sooner. Stay tuned, I will let you know if this saves
time as opposed to going through the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, DC In
the past I have used the Embassy and found it a very slow process. Of course,
any time you want a B,M,D you must know the district in which the event
occurred if you write directly to the district, then you need to know the
address for the specific district. It would be nice if we had a list of the
addresses of all the districts for Civil Registration Offices in Budapest. Is
there such a list?

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