BOOK CITE - Minden in North Rhine Westphalia #germany

Michael Wolfers

Please note - I have no commercial interest in the following book (It
can be acquired >from the publisher through:
regionalgeschichte@... or via an online German bookstore - for approximate cost of 49 Euros). However I wish to
draw this publication in German in July to the attention of GERSIG
subscribers interested in the small number of Jewish families in the
neighbourhood of Minden near Hannover (in modern North Rhine
Westphalia, Germany) >from the 17th century to modern times.

The study with 831 pages (yes 831) with nearly four thousand footnotes
is primarily a work of history and social history >from mainly archival
sources, but includes much genealogical detail: I am currently
examining one hundred references to my 8th great grandfather, and
other references to his descendants - and to his neighbours and their

Author: Bernd-Wilhelm LINNEMEIER
Title: Juedisches Leben im Alten Reich - Stadt und Fuerstentum Minden
in der Fruehen Neuzeit
Publication series:Studien zur Regionalgeschichte Bd. 15
Publisher: Verlag fuer Regionalgeschichte, Bielefeld 2002
References: ISBN 3-89534-360-9 and ISSN 1615-0422 Hardcover

Michael Wolfers London, UK mwolfers@...

Researching: WOLFERS (Minden, Diepenau, Hamburg)
GOMPERTZ (Kleve, Bonn, Rheinberg, Hannover)

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