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I am answering here the request for information about FHL films related to
Presov and the the Saris (Saros) county.

As far as I know the Saris county was filmed between 1995 and 1996. Those
towns with records which survived the WW2 destructions seem to be all
filmed. I have examined the films for Presov and Bardejov but there are
other places too.

Those who have access to a FHC can inquire >from the sister/brother in
charge of their local library. For those who have not (like Touvia) I am
volunteering to check the town(s) and film(s) numbers. Just give me a week
of time between the request and the return of the requested information.

As for the films for Presov and Bardejov, here are the numbers:

Presov (Eperjes) - 1793514, 1793548 and 1793549

Bardejov (Bartfa) - 1792046, 1792047 and 1792048

The Bardejov films contain records of surrounding towns too.

I would also suggest for Touvia to get in touch with the Israeli
Genealogical Society. They may be able to give him directions about how to
find LDS films in Israel or maybe willing to serve as link to the Mormons.

Israel Genealogical Society
Mevakshei Derech Building
Shai Agnon Boulevard 22
Jerusalem (autobus 22)

P.O Box. 4270
91041 Jerusalem

Phone: (02) 651-4996
Fax: (02) 671-0260
E-mail: igs@...

| Subject: RE: Presov Jewish Archives
| From: Touvia Goldstein <touviagoldstein@...>
| Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 21:24:34 -0800 (PST)
| ---Judith D Bennett <benne034@...> wrote:
| >
| > My comments follow the excerpt below:
| >
| > I appreciate your need for getting records. It occurs to me that it
might be useful for us to become aware of the various arrangements we have
for copying records at the different FHL's we use.
| >
| The FHL I use, the largest in the area, is open 2 days and 2
| evenings a week. There is only 1 machine that can photocopy microfilms.
Time on the machine is limited to 15 minutes at a time if someone else is
waiting. There is almost always someone else waiting. There is a sign up
sheet and a timer on the machine. Copies are .25 a page.
| >
| > If one wanted to photocopy an entire reel, it would take an open
| machine and a lot of dollars and a lot of time.
| > Hope this is of some help in laying out logistics.
| >
| > Judy Deutsch Bennett
| >
| >
| > Hi, Judith,
| Your post is very illustrative!!!
| Louis' remark to mine that those H-SIG members that have access to the
| FHLs stations, have no need for second sources is also very right!!!
| In the meantime, I was informed tha the fee that a professional
| geneologist is ready to do the job is US$25. an hour +
| car expenses + other etc. In 2 words....VERY EXPENSIVE...
| Conclusion,(at least partial until other ideas may come in) maybe
| JewishGen could/should propose to the Mormons to open a FHL station in
| Israel, too, maybe to have a representative responsible to order reels
| but, taking in consideretaion the fact that they assured to Teddy
| Kollek that by opening the Mormon University in Jerusalem they will
| not be engaged in proselitist activities?
| Maybe they will be ready to open such an office/such a representative
| for geneological purposes only?
| With a lot of wishful thinkings,
| Touvia (Teddy) Goldstein
| Kiryat ONO, ISRAEL

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