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Almost all records held at the local FHC's are records ordered and payed for
by researchers. The only limitations are the films that contain books and
other people research and even some of them are passed the copywrite times.

Marriage, birth and other vital records can be copied in their entirety as
they are public records. The same goes for census records. You would have to
consider and weigh the difference in the records and be able to make that
distinction with the films one would want copied.

The cost for copies at my local FHC is $ .20. I HAVE made special
arrangements of coping an entire film and am transcribing some marriage
records for USGENWEB. The cost for this is less than it would be if I paid by
the page (1265 pgs X .20 = 252.00).
The only problem I would encounter in coping an entire film would be the cost
no matter how low, as I'm on a small retirement budget.

I would be willing to do the work and try to make arrangement to lower the
cost if someone else could foot the bill.

I volunteer at our local/very small FHC every week. I'm there on Thursday
nights and usually we are very slow, unless I was recommended to someone to
talk to regarding the internet and genealogy.

Last night we had a small Holiday party and will be closed until the 2nd week
of January, so any questions/arrangements would have to be made after then.

Ley K. O'Connor

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