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My grandmother was >from Humenne, my grandparents were married there,
and my mother and her siblings were born there. We do not know my
grandmother's maiden name and would greatly appreciate any info anyone
can give me regarding my family. Unfortunately, my mother is the only
one alive >from her immediate family and she left Europe when she was 3
or 4.

Grandfather- Tobias Inies (I think that was the name-later Ennis).
Originally >from Dobromil/Przemsyl in Poland/Ukraine. Went to Humenne
to be an apprentice baker, probably about 1893-1895.
Grandmother- Pepie ?
Married- 1897-1900
Pepie- born 1883 or 1884
Children- Raphael- born 1904-1905
Harry- born approx 1910
Ruth- born approx 1915
Anna (later Shirley- my mother)- born 1919

Tobias came to the U.S. about 1921, the rest of the family probably in
1924 (based on my mother's recollection and a search of ship voyages

Terry Steinberg

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