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"My name is Magda Lapedus (nee' Mezei) and I would like to share an
interesting episode that occured in 1990:

In that year we lived in Arizona, and I came across a newspaper article
about Spanish diplomats who during World War II helped save Hungarian Jews
by sheltering them in buildings protected by the Spanish Governement.
Foremost among them was Giorgio Perlasca. I, my mother, grandmother, and
younger brother George were among the Jews that Perlascca saved. I contacted
the writer of the article, and one thing led to another, as a result of
which, George and I were invited by the chairman of US Holocaust Museum
(Miles Lehrman) to Washington D.C. for an incredible celebration of one of
the persons involved in these rescue efforts. The US Holocaust Museum was
still in the building process, but the event was in honor of one man who was
among those striving to save Jewish lives in Budapest. Recently I received
an e-mail >from a person in the UK who is interested in Giorgio Perlasca's
story and I am sending him copies of those newspaper clippings I saved in

I am curious if anybody will contact me about Perlasca and the events
connected to him in 1944. It was a hair-raising time! Who knows? I might
find some people >from the same building. By the way the address where we
were was: in the "Lipot varos" (Leopold district), St. Istvan Park (St.
Stevens Park) No.35.

from Magda Lapedus e-mail: Magdil@worldnet. att. net

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