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Dear Magda!
Thank you for your input on "alkusz".
I have a question about names.Is the name:Miksa,Mihaly,Miska
the same name? The name Mano is it short for something else?
And the name Mor? Is it short for Moritz?

I read about the book by Meir Sas did I understand correctly
that it's originally appeared in Hebrew?
I wasn't clear about it's availability in Stanford (University libarary).

Now something that touches your story about the rescuer
Sans-Briz. My father,while imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen,was put on a
train,and had to get off in Teresienstadt. He was told it was the
Kasztner transport.and he believed it was true.
But how come he didn't get to Switzerland? Any material about this?

Thank you very much (kosonom)

Margalit (Mocsari)Modai.

searching-Mocsari >from Gyor
Frdis >from Ternopol,Ukraine
Neumann >from Gyor
Schlesinger >from Gyor
Fohn >from Csokmo,Hjdu-Bihar county
Grosz >from Hajdu-Bihar county
Gelman >from Hajdu-Bihar county.

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