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Gabor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

Vivian Kahn schrieb:

Just received the following response >from Dr. Istvan Hogye

An accurate translation of the following would be appreciated by all of us
with Szobrancz roots.

A Moskovits es Neumann csaladokra vonatkozo adatokat sajnosnem tudjuk
szolgaltatni, mivel a megadott szuletesi helyet Szobranc, a torteneti Ung
vm-hez tyartozott. Leveltarunkban Zemplen varmegye knozsegeinek egyhazi es
vilagi anyakonyveit orizzuk. Szobranc jelenleg az Ukran Koztarsasaghoz
tartozik, igy ajanlom, hogy az ungvari leveltarhoz forduljon keresevel.>>
We can not supply any records regarding the Moskovits and Neumann families,
because the place of birth - Szobranc - belonged to the historical county of
Ung. In our archive we keep only records of the county Zemplen >from the
religious as well as secular communities . Szobranc belongs nowadays to the
Republic Ukraine , I would recommend you to ask them for assistance.

I hope it helps, my Hungarian is fluent, but my english could be better
Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

mod.- Gabor you are too modest. The translation is very clear. As Vivian Kahn pointed out in her original message Szobranc is in the Slovak Republic and not in the Ukraine. LS

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