Hungary SIG #Hungary Wall of Honor update #hungary

Robert & Sarah Klein <hamoreh@...>

Good news. The Ellis Island Wall of Honor search engine now allows for
searches by country of origin. In the 'country of origin' field, you can
type a town name too, though most donors did not give specific towns.
Still, it's worth a try, especially with very common last names. You do
have to put in a last name still, which is a shame.

Also, please note that the engine searches for strings, so, for example, you
can type just "slovakia", and the engine will find both Slovakia and
Czechoslovakia. No need to conduct separate searches. And with tricky
spelling, try typing in that portion of a name which is less given to
variation. This can even be just the middle portion of a name!

Finally, the speed has improved. If the engine gets stuck, just stop the
loading and hit enter again.

I am very impressed with the improvements. There also seem to be a few new
names in the database.

Good luck to all,


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