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On a more positive note. We are up to 299 subscribers. It would be great to
have at least 300 subscribers on February 7th, if not earlier.

Lynn Saul, one of our subscribers (and daughter of Ruth Saul, another
subscriber) has published a booklet of poetry titled, "I Am Trying to
Understand" - "Jewish Roots in Hungary - Budapest, Cegled, Nyiregyhaza,
Porosko, Satoraljaujhely - July 1997". The twenty page booklet includes
rich, emotional poetry with such titles as Paprika, In the Ujhely Archives,
and Koszi, Koszi. These poems were inspired by her experiences during a
roots tour I led in the summer of 1997. In Lynn's words: "In the summer of
1997..went to Hungary.. to follow up on family stories and genealogical
research...Nicholas Friedman ...had come to this country..and returned to
Hungary..The search for the Hungarian Friedmans created the poems in this

The price is $4 and available by mail from:
Jumping Cholla Press
647 N. Ninth Ave.
Tucson AZ 85705

Please visit our website at:

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