Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Where Are the Szobrancz Records #hungary

Vivian Kahn

Thanks to Gabor Hirsch for translating the letter >from the archives in
Satoraljaujhely. Sobrance is not a very large place, but I am truly
astounded that an archivist who deals with old Hungarian records wouldn't
know that Sobrance is in the Slovk Republic.

Sobrance is 21 km east of Michalovce, about 15 km west of the Ukraine
border, and 20 km northwest of the presentday Ukraine city of Uzhorod
(formerly Ungvar). Sobrance was formerly in Uzska zupa. The last
communication I received >from the Sobrance Regional Bureau (registerar)
makes reference to Okresny urad Sobrance. I was under the impression,
however, that Sobrance is in Michalovce Okres.


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