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There have been a couple of postings recently about this collection of
800,000 obituaries >from all over Hungary. I had a look at this
collection last summer, and I should point out that people should not
get their hopes up about it.

These are not obituaries as we know them in North America (e.g., a
newspaper notice that often gives biographical and family information
about a person). Instead, they are fancy printed invitations to a
funeral, often with black crepe borders.

They are not catalogued, but instead are kept in folders arranged by
last name and century of death. I spent about an hour going through the
ones for the name Fischer. I did not find any that belonged to my
relatives (I guess they were not sufficiently haut bourgeois to go in
for these). I did see some for Jewish deceased, but they would have
been less practical for Jews, given the custom of quick burial. From
the ones I saw, I do not think there is a low probability of a
genealogist finding much that is useful. They mostly just contained the
times and place of the funeral, with little else.

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