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Ernest and Doris Stiefel <erstiefel@...>

I know nothing about the procedure as to release >from any concentration
camp after Kristallnacht; all I know that one by one the men cam back.
Maybe those who had opportunities to emigrate were released first,
On the other hand, I am familiar with the procedure as to obtaining
American visa in Stuttgart, since I went through that process.

First one had to obtain an "Affidavitr of Support" >from a person
(perferably a close relative) in the United States to prove to the consul
that one would not be a public charge in the U.S. Then the affidavit had
to be sent to the U.S. consulate in Stuttgart and, provided on had a low
enough waiting number, and if the papers were in order, one was notified
to appear at a certain date at the consulate. After a pysical examnation
and some slight interrogation and if one had "passed", which most did, one
was asked to come back in the afternoon to pick up the visa.

Unfortunately, too many individuals had wating numbers which were too high
and never made it out of Germany.

The visa was good for four months and the latest one had to on the high
seas for the U.S.A. within the four months.

The most important fact was the obtaining of an "Affidavit of Support".

Ernest R. Stiefel, Seattle, Washington erstiefel@...

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