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At 12:01 AM 2/15/1999 -0600, Gyorgy Ujlaki wrote:

Emperor Joseph II issued an order for Jews to take pernament names on July
23,1787. I did a rough translation of the decree. Source: _Bergl Jozsef, A magyarorszagi zsidok tortenete._ Kaposvar 1879. Reprinted Kaposvar, n.d.

3. All heads of households who adopted names for themselves and for
their families, or individual, who adopted names for themselves, must register their surnames and personal names by the last day of November 1787 in German (language) to those town or village authorities, where they live or their residential permit is valid. The registration form does not need stamps, but must be signed by the representative of the district and district or chief rabbi.

5. The registration forms mentioned in 3. must be preserved by the
authorities and during conscription must be handed over to the conscription official, so that these names are recorded, during the first time including the old names, in special books....
Do you know, Gyorgi, or does any one else knows if the registration forms
mentioned in 3. and/or the special books mentioned in 5. exist today?

If they do, where are they likely to be deposited and how can we gain access to them? For example, I have specific interest in the towns and villages of Pozsony and Maramaros Counties. Are these records likely to be stored in the National Szechenjy Library or in the Archives of the Slovak Republic and Romania, respectively?

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC

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