Re: Helene ALEXANDER, of Liegnitz #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Henry Graupner wrote:
I am looking for any information about ancestors and siblings of Helene
ALEXANDER, born in Liegnitz, Silesia, Germany , on February 9, 1873.
She married my grandfather Ludwig GRAUPNER, of Beuthen, Silesia, Germany,
in Liegnitz in May 1897. Henry Graupner Guelph, Canada
My comment:
The Memorial Book for the victims of Theresienstadt lists
GRAEUPNER Richard (note the umlaut on the a!) born 12 Jan 1871
and GRAEUPNER Meta born 22 Sep 1891
who were deported >from Breslau (today's Wroclaw), then the capital of
Silesia on 11 Jun 1943 where people where collected also >from Liegnitz.

There are also 6 entries for the surname ALEXANDER for people deported
from Breslau in 1942: Elisabeth (birth year 1872), Helene (1869), Dr.
Karl (1866), Luise (1868), Marta (1874) and Max Felix (1863).

Let me know if you are interested in more details of any of these names,
with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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