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Mark F. Tritsch <tritsch@...>

In the death register for Presov/Eperies, I found for Bela Tritsch the
following entry: "Szuletesi helye: Dubeschorszag". I assume this is
telling me the place of origin of the deceased. The u and the a in the
name of the place are accented. Does anyone know where Dubeschorszag

Thanks in advance. By the way, many thanks also to Marc Polster for
supplying us with the information about Gedhtree!

Mark Tritsch

mod.- If the word was spelled Duteschorszag or Duetschorszag it would likely be Germany (orszag refers to and means a country). However, if the "b" and the first "D" were transposed it would read Budeschorszag which would literally mean Country of Foul Odor or the Foul Smelling Country. Hopefully, you'll get a more serious (but not necessarily funnier) answer >from our native Hungarian speakers.

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