Location of Braunschweig [using the GeoServ town finder service] #germany

hanna <hannakg@...>

I've just run across the name of what appears to be an ancestor in the
Braunschweig Jewishgen memor book.

Checking Stetlseeker I find the coordinates of Braunschweig and that it
is over 200 miles >from Berwangen where the family originated, or
Heilbronn, where my branch lived >from the late 19C.

Then I tried find among my book marks the marvelous site which provides
Kreis, Land, etc. for any town you chose to put in. Somehow I don't
have it. Then I spend an hour trying to concoct an inquiry which will
generate it >from the Gersig archives without coming remotely near, and
in fact without being able to understand the relationship between the
inquiry and the result. [MOD NOTE- When you search our archives for
a word or words, a list of all postings containing those words will appear.
In each posting, the searched for words will be highlighted the first
time they appear in the message. On my system they appear in red. MOD]

I hate to ask for this site again because the moderators have gotten a
little testy the last 3 times someone did because it has been discussed so
often...but if others have as much trouble with the archives as I do, the
same questions will be repeated.

I would be grateful for the site URL and also for some further
instruction in how to design archive inquiries.

Hanna Grossman, Cornwall CT

MODERATOR NOTE: To search the GerSig or other SIG Forum archives go to:
You can select German Jewish SIG >from the list of SIGs or search
all sig archives by not selecting a specific one.

Enter the word or words you are searching for in the "search for" box
using the syntax instructions which appear above the box.

In this case, since I knew that I had answered this same question from
Hanna Grossman recently in another Moderator Note, I searched for
the following: Hanna and Grossman
The search results gave me all posts to GerSig >from Hanna Grossman.
The message posted to GerSig on June 6, 2002, contained the information
that I have repeated below.

Searching the archives requires some thought and perhaps some experiments.
Family and town names may have been misspelled in postings or written
with accented characters which are not recognized by the search engine.

A search for a very common word will produce too many results to be
useful. Narrow your searches by using the syntax guidelines.

The instructions for using the GeoServ town search server to get
details on German towns follow.

As I did the last time I posted this information, I ask that you and
other GerSig members copy this information and save it in a text file
which you can refer to whenever you need this information. -----

The short answer is: Send an email with the correctly
spelled name of the town in the message body to:


A better answer would be to use our GerSig Website, especially the
page listing "Resources": <http://www.jewishgen.org/GerSIG/resources.htm>

On this page at our website are links to many valuable resources for
German Jewish Genealogy including:

"Genealogy.net: Links to information sources regarding German genealogy."

This site can be read in either English or German.

On the homepage look for "Place Lookups" and click on "GeoServ"
(Ortssuche - GeoServ).

I urge GerSig members who have not already done so to bookmark both
the web pages cited above. Between them you can find solutions to most
basic research questions. MOD1

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