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Jan Bousse <boussejan@...>

There is a lot of information in Google on "J=FCdische Friedh=F6fe" in
various places. Mostly in German, it's useful to know that language. I
obtained information and photocopies of Jewish tombs in Hohebach. The town
hall of D=F6rzbach-Hohebach was very helpful, they referred me to a Mr.
H=E4fele and gave me his telephone number. I spoke to him and he arranged
for the town admin. to send me pictures of two tombs I was researching. I
noticed that a K. H=E4fele, probably the same person, wrote a book about
Jewish life in Hohebach. Since your research concerns the same book where
the Hohebach cemetery is recorded, I presume that Mr. H=E4fele could
confirm if your STERNs are buried in one of them. BTW, there seems to be
also a cemetery in Oelnhausen, and Berlichingen is now part of Sch=F6ntal.
Mr. H=E4fele's number is : (0)7937.353 or 228. If you want, I could call
You should give me the necessary details for your query. He does not use
an e-mail address, but I have the one for D=F6rzbach, where I believe he
If you don't have the url for these sites on Google, I can give you some.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium

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