Possible places of origin - Point of interest #germany


Point of interest:
Recently someone contacted me for information because of my last name.
They assumed that I came >from a place >from which my last name was derived.
To be helpful, I checked Shtetl Seeker at JewishGen.org [MOD NOTE:
and got a list of 26 towns in Germany named Steinberg; all over the place,
from Bavaria to Schleswig Holstein. - On Mapquest, I found maps for even
more places, with a detail map for each. I had no idea that there were
that many towns called Steinberg in Germany. - Most instructive.

However, my Steinberg ancestors all lived in Hohenhausen, SW of Hannover.

I only have information on the origin of the name of the Steinberg family
from Mackensen:
records indicate they took the name in 1809 >from one of the hills around
Mackensen. Other Jewish families used names of other hills.

Gunther Steinberg Portola Valley CA USA

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