Postal address for donations to GerSig and JewishGen #germany


We have received several inquiries >from GerSig members who wish
to contribute to GerSig and / or JewishGen but prefer to do so by mailing
a check rather than using the secure credit card method via the internet.

Thanks to those members and all GerSig members who have made
contributions. They are very badly needed.

To make a donation by check, make the check payable to:
JewishGen, Inc.

and mail it to:

JewishGen, Inc.
2951 Marina Bay Dr., Suite 130-472
League City, TX USA 77573

Office Phone #: 281-535-2200
U.S./Canada Fax # (toll free): 888-539-4362

If you wish to contribute only to the GerSig research fund you must
make a note with your check saying so.

Contributions that are not designated to GerSig or other special
projects go into the JewishGen general fund. Those contributions
help GerSig by covering the costs of the server computers that
bring you this Forum and our Website.

All contributions are tremendously appreciated.

For more information on how you can help support GerSig and
JewishGen please go to:

Many thanks.

John Paul Lowens Suburban NYC GerSig Coordinator / Moderator

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