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An urgent note >from your Moderator

First, the good news-
The following were posted by GerSig members (with contributions to
JewishGen) on the Wall for September, 2002

"Special thanks to John Lowens For his leadership as GERSIG's Moderator"
>from Margaret Power

"In memory of Rose Fallik Stern (1908-2001) Born in Gawluszowice, near
Mielec, my mother would have been impressed to see her home turf on the
web. Thank you Susana Bloch and team for putting up the meaningful KRRG
ShtetLinks pages"
>from Renee Stern Steinig

The less than good news is that few if any other GerSig members posted
New Year greetings or other tributes on the "Wall of Honor" this month.

I hope that many GerSiggers have sent contributions to the GerSig Research
Fund or to the JewishGen General Fund in response to the financial
crisis facing JewishGen. Your support is needed urgently.

There are several ways to support JewishGen besides the "Wall of Honor".

You can learn about them at the "Jewish Generosity" page at:


The two "Wall of Honor" donors listed above are both active volunteers
for GerSig and other JewishGen projects. They have contributed their time
and talent and in addition to their financial support.

Many thanks to Meg Power, Renee Steinig and the other GerSig members
who have already sent donations this year.

Won't you please join them in helping to keep GerSig and JewishGen going?

In the USA your voluntary donations are tax deductible.

But if more voluntary, tax deductible support for GerSig and JewishGen is
not received, the time will come soon when user fees or membership
charges will be required.

Many genealogy Internet resources already require such payments.
We would much prefer to keep GerSig and JewishGen available to all
with no required charge.

To do so we require the voluntary financial support of all users and
members. This will pay for the server computers and other costs of
keeping GerSig and JewishGen on the Internet.

Please go to the Jewish Generosity website and make a credit card donation
or send a check or money order today.

At the moment, the amount of your gift is still up to you
but every GerSig member should make some donation
so that a required membership fee will not become necessary.

Make checks payable to JewishGen, Inc. and mail them today to:

JewishGen, Inc.
2951 Marina Bay Dr., Suite 130-472
League City, TX 77573

or use the webform at:

The future of "no fee" Jewish Genealogy on the Internet is in your hands.

Thank you.

John Paul Lowens GerSig Moderator

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