Arbre: Salomon Oppenheim
I would like to know the ancestry of banker Salomon OPPENHEIM
(B. Bonn1772 - d.1828).

His daughter Betty OPPENHEIM (B0 ? - d.1876) married Heinrich David
HERTZ >from Hamburg (=B01797- d.1862).More informations can be found on:


I am also interested in the genealogy of Heinrich David HERTZ , with
two famous scientists in his posterity.

See below a beginning of family tree Thank you for your answer.

Jean-Pierre Kahn Paris, France

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Salomon Oppenheim 1772-1828
& Therese Stein +1891

Helena Oppenheim 1799-1891 Simon Oppenheim 1803-1880
Abraham Oppenheim 1804-1878 Dagobert Oppenheim 1809-1889
Alexandre Oppenheim 1814-1903 Betty Oppenheim +1878 Charlotte
Oppenheim &1813 Benoit Fould 1792-1858 &1830 Henriette Obermayer 1812-1885 & Charlotte Beyfus &1845 Elise Beer 1821-1880 & Heinrich David
Hertz 1797-1862 & Adolphe Ratisbonne
Zelie Elisa Albert Eduard
Gustav Ferdinand 1827-1914 Louis Fortune Gustave 1827-1900 Flore

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