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Jebenhausen - A Jewish Community in Wuerttemberg See a 19th century
village - explore a bygone world mailto:jebenhausen@...

==I heartily recommend this site to everyone on this list. The
information given for this particular village is applicable, with obvious
local variations, for most Jewish village communities in Germany and will
help us better understand the social atmosphere of our ancestors' lives..

==Moreover, this site is a model for what could be done to commemorate the
Jewish history of most town and villages. I'm sure that if two or three
descendants >from a specific village got together, they could get support
from the current municipality, local archivists and scholars at the
nearest universities (and the Leo Baeck institute?), to collect maps,
photographs, documents, etc to publish such a history on line.

Many thanks to Jacques Bauland of Malta whose ancestors (judging by the
name) were among the Jewish worthies of Jebenhausen.

Michael Bernet, New York, mBernet@...

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