GerSig members with problem Email addresses #germany


The following GerSig subscriptions have been put on "hold" because
our email to these members was not accepted by their email providers.

redrock@... Jay Rosenberg
LesMoyaux@... Salomon Moyal Bloch
brucecgreenberg@... Bruce Greenberg
mesharet@... Pam Staley

If you have a way to contact any of the following GerSig members please
do so. They can change the email address for GerSig (and other SIG)
subscriptions using the webform at:

The GerSig help desk will try to assist if needed: Mailto:gersig@...

If no response is received >from the following within two weeks their
GerSig memberships will be terminated. John Lowens, GerSig Moderator

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