INTRO - researching GOLDSCHMIDT, FURST, and WETZSTEIN - Hessen #germany

Judith Goldsmith <judithgoldsmith@...>

Hello GerSig,
I joined gersig several months ago and have learned a lot >from this
mailing list, and also discovered a very large new portion of my ancestry
and new relatives through JewishGen's JGFF Family Finder (thanks!).

I recently launched a website which I encourage you to visit to check for
connections and see the whole list of surnames which we are researching.

The website is still under development as new members of my family are

I have been doing intensive genealogy research for only six months,
but my father and great-uncle did a lot before me;

Volker Hess of Staufenberg has also contributed greatly to our data,
for which we are very grateful!.

I consider myself to be a beginner in doing Genealogy research.
My native language is English; I also know French and Spanish
and a little Hebrew. I consider myself expert in using a computer.
My experience in using the Internet is extensive.
I have identified the history of my family back to great great great great
grandparents in the mid 1700s in some cases.

The family names and towns that I am researching are:

Treis an de Lumde (now part of Staufenberg), Hessen
GOLDSCHMIDT/GOLDSMITH & KATZENSTEIN - Erdmannrode (now part of Eiterfeld),
FURST/FUERST & STERN - Rothenkirchen (near Hunfeld), Hessen

Please contact me if you think there may be a connection!

Judith Goldsmith (judithgoldsmith@...)
Oakland, California, U.S.A.

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