Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Austro-Hungarian SIG? #hungary


Dear Louis and SIG Members,
I have a couple of questions and, of course, an opinion I would like to share.

snip of message>>SchoeRa@... writes:
<< lump Austria and the Czech and Slovak lands with the Prussians, Bavarians,
Alsatians >>

I am confused by the request to change the name of H SIG. I had the
impression that our SIG 'conversations' already encompass and address,
besides other countries, AUT-HUN, CZ and Slovak, and Romania genealogy as it
relates to Greater Hungary. Isn't this our vocus? Are we being asked to get
more specific or change direction?

There is a GesherGalicia (correct name?), LitvakSIG, ROM SIG and others.
I am most happy with H SIG as it is. I think it has room for everyone with a
connection or interest in Greater Hungary.

Linda Cohen

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