Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: SIG expansion #hungary

diane goldman <dgoldman@...>

I may be geographically challenged. Does an "Austro-Hungarian SIG"
cover a larger territory or a smaller territory than our current
"Greater Hungarian SIG"?

In theory (depending on the answer, I guess), I think the Vienna group
from Ger-SIG would seem to have a lot in common with us and the change
in name could make things much clearer. I'm not sure anyone besides us
knows what "Greater Hungary" is, anyway. H-SIGers are already
interested in records in Vienna (military records, at least), and the
cultural overlap is obvious. The only negative aspect that I see is
that I rather like our small, intimate discussions and expanding the
discussion would be rewarding but ultimately less informal.

mod. A little condensed geographical history of East-Central Europe may be in order: Prior to 1867 when the dual monarchy was created, there was only the Austrian Empire which comprised Greater Hungary (AKA as pre Trianon Hungary - Trianon was the name of the treaty that dismembered the Austro-Hungarian Emprire after WWI, and resulted in Hungary loosing 2/3 of its previous territory*), Austria, Bohemia, Moravia and after the partition of Poland in the latter part of the 18th century, Galicia as well.

* A map of Greater Hungary can be found on our website. Greater Hungary never existed as an independant political entity except in the dreams and aspirations of Magyar patriots (my maternal grandfather included). LS

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