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Date: 7/18/99 4:11:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Stephen SCHMIDEG)
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I have finally finished entering and checking the 3,000 plus names for the
Jewish cemetery in Gyor. If anyone out there wants me to look up names or
recheck the ones that I have looked up earlier please drop me a line.

I support the concept of clarifying what territory H-SIG covers and whether
the current name is representative, as most of my relatives past and present
live in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. At the same time
we don't want it to get so big that it becomes the Central and Eastern
European SIG.

Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne Australia

Dear Stephen,

If you have any ROSNERS, FUCHS, SCHLEICHKORNS, or FABERS, THANKS for looking.

Joel H. Rosner

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