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Miriam Wiener's long awaited sequel to her book on Jewish Roots in Poland is
now available. Titled "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova," it includes
information about archives in Subcarpthian Ruthenia. To see which specific
areas are covered visit the web site at

I have just spoken to Miriam and she is willing to offer a discount for bulk
purchases. However, the book price of $60 may not be discounted. If you wish
to purchase the book >from me there are two advantages, albeit minor ones.
The book is several hundred pages larger than the book on Poland and weighs
about 6 pounds. Therefore shipping costs will be expensive. I will share the
cost of mailing up to 50% for shipments in North America, and 30% for
shipments to other venues. Also, sales to out of state residents (other than
Ohio) are not charged any sales tax. Admittedly, the cost savings will not
be great and will vary >from $3 to $10 per sale depending upon the
destination. However, the profits I make >from each book sale will be used to
negotiate access to the archives in Uzhgorod and Berehovo. My plan is to
purchase the new hand held copy appliance, called Capshare 910, manufactured
by Hewlett Packard. This nifty little device can hold up to 100 pages of
information before it must downloaded to a laptop in order to free up space.
It is a $700 appliance and would make a significant impression on the powers
that be in the archives there. I will leave the device as a gift for the
archivists if I am given permission to "photocopy" there for one week. I
can't guarantee this plan will work, but I feel obligated to pursue every
possibility. If you wish to support me in this plan, please order the book
through me. It will be shipped out the week following the IJGS conference in
New York. You will have the option of requesting any allowable mailing rate,
and I pay half of that cost.

As far as the gazetteer that Tom V. and Alex M. recommend I can look into
purchasing the book in Hungary (during my trip there this coming October)
and sharing any discount the publisher may offer. I don't have a price, and
I haven't explored the possibility yet. However, if you are interested and
can wait several months please e-mail privately.

One final note regarding books. I will be bringing about 70 different titles
relating to Hungarian Jewry with me to the conference. Yizkor books,
memoirs, historical books etc. I will have dozens of copies of the pricelist
which is yours for the asking.

Best wishes,


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