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For those new to this list and those who have not seen this before, I'm
introducing you to my ancestors.

You can see the pictures of my great grandparents

Samuel (Shmuel) Zanvil Schanz and Sarah Greenstein Schanz, taken in NY City
in 1920 (79 years ago)


Samuel Zanvil Schanz, son of Menachem Mendel (Max) Schanz and Jennie Gold
Schanz, born July 2, 1865 probably in Przemysl, Galicia, Austria. Samuel had
a sister Esther Schanz also probably born in Przemysl. She probably died in
her late 20's there before 1891. Samuel moved to Munkacs, Hungary around
1885 and married Sarah Greenstein around 1885. He ran the train station of
Munkacs, Hungary >from about 1885 until 1903. He left Munkacs, Hungary alone
in 1903 to establish himself and earn money to send for the rest of the
family. Died July 10, 1927 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

You can see a picture of the current train station of Mukachevo, Ukraine
(former Munkacs, Hungary) at

Sarah Greenstein Schanz born Jan 4, 1865 in Munkacs, daughter of Abraham
Greenstein and Golda Mirel Greenstein. Sarah had a brother William
Greenstein. Sarah left Munkacs, Hungary in June 1907 and arrived in NY City
on the SS Livonia on June 24, 1907 with 5 of their 7 children. She died in
Manhattan, New York on January 12, 1942 although she last lived in Brooklyn, NY.

Coincidently both Samuel and Sarah died 8 days after their birthdays.

Samuel and Sarah Schanz had 7 children beginning with Anna (born in 1887),
Esther (1891), Frieda, Helen, Miriam, Menachem Mendel (Max) (1893), and
Abram (Abraham) (1900).

The family spelled the surname Schantz consistently after 1920.

For those researching Munkacs, I have fortunately gotten one birth
certificate transcript for Esther Schanz born in 1891 in Munkacs.

You can see the birth certificate transcript of Esther Schanz at

I got the birth certificate from:

The State Archives of the Zakarpatskaya Region
4a Heroev Pl.
Berehove, Ukraine.

Thank you.

Dennis Baer

Bethpage, New York, USA

Searching SCHANTZ, SCHANZ, GOLD, GREENSTEIN in Austria-Hungary
Munkacs,Hungary and possibly Przemysl,Galicia,Austria

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