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My grandfather, Laszlo LANG, was one of the many labor servicemen drafted
into the Hungarian army in the early 40s. My father's family recieved
notification when he was killed, apparently mine sweeping on the soviet
front. My questions are, does the Hungarian military retain records of
these individuals? Has anyone on the group had success in obtaining
these records? Where would I write to obtain them? and, finally would the
letter have to be translated into Hungarian?

Thanks for any help.

Brian Lang

LANG, SCHLESINGER-Slovakia, Hungary

mod.-I have information as follows:

1. Laszlo Lang born 1/2/15. Mother's maiden name: Maria Groszmann. He died on 11/17/1942 at Kraszna Pahorij.

2. Laszlo Lang born 7/27/1927. Mother's maiden name: Ibolya Steiner. He dissapeared on 1/16/1943 at Ober Marki.

This information can be found in the Nevek book titled Jewish Victims of Hungarian Labour Battalions Volume II Letters K-Z. Copies of source documents were obtained by Yad Vashem >from various sources in Hungary.LS


Brian D. Lang

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