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There are 395 subscribers on h-sig. As I and others have written, Hungarian
Jewry is probably more intra-related than any other Jewish community in
history (see the article "The Family Tree of Hungarian Jewry" by Prof. Erno
Marton in Hungarian Jewish Studies Volume I, edited by Randolph Braham).
Therefore the more subscribers the greater likelihood of discovering common
family names and connections.

As you may already know the recently published book by Miriam Weiner, Jewish
roots in Ukraine and Moldova has the most extant authoritative inventory of
Jewish records for Subcarpathian Ruthenia. The price for this impressive
book is listed at $60 and no discounting is allowed. However, I still have a
number of copies for sale and I can still offer the best price by sharing
the cost of postage and materials. The book weighs over 6 pounds and the
average postage in the U.S. is over $8.00. I received a bulk purchase
discount of 20%. The difference goes to fund h-sig projects. If interested
please make payment of $64 to JDCO / POB 34152/ Cleveland, Ohio 44134.

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