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<bigger>The Hungarian Land Census of 1828 listed only the heads of
households for purposes of taxation without listing other members of the
household family. Consequently, these lists have limited usefulness for
genealogy research. By contrast, the 1848 Census have proven valuable for
its detailed information concerning family members, their names, ages,
relationships, and place of birth.

I have recently become aware of a 1830 Census and wonder whether it is
available in archives or in books.

Tomer Brunner of Netanya sent me photocopies of pages >from a book
titled, "The Book of Marmaros". One page in particular, that contained
information about my mother's home town in Romania and was written in
Hebrew, listed the names of the Jewish heads of households >from the 1830
Hungarian Census of Kretchinev (now, Craciunesti, Romania). The number of
inhabitants in each household was also included, but without listing
specific names.

A few months earlier, I had recorded all the Jewish heads of the
households >from the 1828 Hungarian Census of the then Hungarian town of
Karacsonyfalva which was also Kretchinev. This information is available
on the Mormon's microfilm, FHL 0623055, The Hungarian Land Census of

Both censuses are presented below for comparison of names. In reading the
European style handwritten names >from the 1828 Census, I tried to be
faithful to the exact spelling although at times I was forced to guess
some of the characters. Robert Klein (my son) translated the Hebrew names
from the 1830 Census that were printed without vowel markings. The
designation, (w) refers to the husband's widow. Bear in mind, the names
from the 1828 census were written according to Hungarian pronunciations.
For example, Deics is equivalent to Deutsch, Vizel is equivalent to
Wiesel, etc.

I would appreciate hearing >from anyone that may have information about
the existence of the 1830 census. Was this census held through the
Hungarian empire or was it a local phenomenon? Does the census contain
additional information about the inhabitants, i.e., names, ages, place of
birth, etc.?


1828 Hungarian Census 1830 Hungarian Census

Number of

Line No. Karacsonyfalva (Craciunesti) Kretchinev
(Craciunesti) household

(1828 Surname Given name Surname Given name inhabitants

only) (1830 only)


89 Abraham Schlomo Abraham Lazar 6

133 Auram Pinkas Abraham Shlomo 6

57 Berkevits Shlomo Berkovitz Shlomo 7

110 Chaim Benjamin Deutsch Josef 6

136 Chamajda Sulem Dov Mosko 3

124 Davidovis Gauzilla Drait Zelig 8

119 Deics Joszef Drait Abraham 7

116 Drosh Zelig Elias
Schecter 8

131 Drot Lechman Eta Chana ?

114 Drot Abraham Feig Shlomo 6

128 Faig Shloma Feig Abraham 10

70 Fajbis Luger Feig Issac 4

100 Feig Abraham Feig Manu 5

108 Feig Chaim Feig Mayer 3

101 Feig Marko Feig Chaim 6

103 Fiszel Michel Gans Yisrael 7

127 Gontz Zeul Gans Jankel 4

115 Hadl Lazar Gidoli Meier 4

92 Haim Mendel Gidoli Barko 9

129 Hantz Jankil Gidoli
Yankel 3

122 Hantz David Hamadia Yechetskiel 6

109 Honig Itzig Heimovitz Ephraim 6

28 Hunos Abraham Hennik Itsig 8

106 Jogiber Ruvin Host David 4

130 Kamajda Haszkel Ingeber Ruben (w) 3

137 Kopel Mosko Itzigovitz Asher

94 Kopl Itzig Kane Yoel 3

24 Kratz Honig Kayam Shalom 6

117 Kratz Mendel Kayam Yisrael 6

71 Abraham Lazar Kopel Issac 7

134 Leb Simka Kopel Moses (w) 7

74 Lebovicz Berko Kracs Mendel 3

99 Liberman Abraham Kracs Honig 3

104 Lieberman Jung Kracs Abraham 8

102 Lieberman Aizik Kracs Schmuel 4

25 Lieberman Hers Lazar Nodel 3

126 Majerovits Zelig Lieb Sento 7

118 Markovits Josef Lieberman Hers 7

125 Markovits Mani Lieberman Abraham 3

112 Moskovits Fishel Lieberman Issac 4

107 Moskovits Marko Lieberman Issac 7

52 Perler Hers Litman Droit 8

135 Perli Zelig Marko Hersh 3

59 Polak Markus Markovitz Josef 7

120 Ramar Lazar Markovitz Mosko 4

96 Roth Mosko Martchal Chaim 3

93 Roth Jankel Mausharov Josef 4

144 Rozenthal Jankil Moskovitz Fishel 10

91 Rozenthal Michel Perl David 3

97 Rozh Mosko Perl Hers 6

132 Schmaja David Perl Zelig 11

113 Schuster Judka Polak Marko 5

27 Sire Tobi Riemer Lazar 9

123 Slyemovits Hers Rota Jankel 6

121 Szabo Itzig Rota Mosko 6

138 Szul Chaim Schlieger Tobi 2

98 Tesler Zismon Shalamavitz Hers 7

44 Tobszlis? Hers Shlomo Lieb 6

111 Viser David Shultzer Yoshker 10

105 Vizel Chaim Smilovitz Janna 3

95 Zelman Berko Smilovitz Abraham 6

Sobel Itsig 6

Sobel Shmoya 7

Steinmetz Yankel 7

Toib Hers 4

Wiesel Michael 7

Wiesel Chaim 5

Wiesel Yankel 2

Yankelovitz David 6

Zalman Berko 4

Zindel Abraham 3

Zusman Alter 8

Dolph Klein

Chapel Hill, NC, USA


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