Re: New German-Jewish Genealogy Project #germany

victoria barkoff <vbar@...>

On October 14, Andreas Schwab wrote about an article in the
Sueddeutsche Zeitung on the new Hoenlein Genealogy Project sponsored
the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation.

Using a translation engine and my "choir German", I was able to glean
that the project will provide assistance to people around the world
researching their German Jewish ancestors. Precisely how this will
work the article does not say; but the project is still in its
initial stages.

The project, centred in Wuerzburg, is named after a Bavarian-Jewish
family that emigrated to the US during the Nazi regime.

Victoria Barkoff Montreal, Canada

RESEARCHING (in Germany): BERGHOFF, Hamburg, Kiel;
EMANUEL, GIDEON Muhringen and Hochberg, and USA;
GIPPERT Berlin, Alsace, NY state

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