Re: New German-Jewish Genealogy Projekt #germany

Christof Eberstadt <CPA-Eberstadt@...>

Dear Gersiggers,
for all of you German reading researchers who did not succeed to open the
newspaper URL:
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 15. Oktober 2002
Kuenftig Ahnenforschung fuer Juden in Wuerzburg

The text of the article [in German with an English translation provided
by GerSig member Renate Rosenau] has been sent to the GerSig moderators.

It is not published here to avoid possible copyright problems.

To receive the text, send an email to:

Subject line: Please send Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Christof Eberstadt Erlangen, Germany
Renate Rosenau, Alzey, Germany [edited by MODERATOR on duty]

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