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If you have ever puzzled about the Kreis -
administrative districts - of Bohemia, Moravia and
Silesia, this website should be a great help:

Even if you do not read German, you will find a Table
"Liste G", which shows that the number and names of
the Bohemian Kreis changed constantly >from 1350 to

At the time of the 1793 Jewish census of Bohemia,
there were 16 Kreis - the highest number ever.

"Liste L" gives the Kreis names for Moravia from
1529-1860. Here you can clearly see that in the period
1850-1855, the number of Moravian Kreis was reduced
from a high of six Kreis to only two, namely Brunner
and Olmutzer. I wonder if this radical reorganisation
had anything to do with the apparent muddle in the
location of Moravian records? Records >from one
Moravian administrative centre many have been
transported to another - and then never returned when
the six Kreis were reintroduced in 1855.

"Liste M" has details of the Silesian Kreis and some
historical information about the Silesian situation.

This website should solve many of our Kreis problems.
There are maps to identify the location of the Kries -
names of the administrative centres for each Kreis are
given; area and population statistics are also

Celia Male [UK]

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