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Well, here I go again with more information. My grandfather, (Vilmos)
NEUFELD was Neolog.

Primarily I am searching for the NEUFELD, GLUSTEIN, STERN and SCHILLINGER
families in Hungary in the 1800's, although I would love to find any other
relatives in the USA.

Sigmund NEUFELD married Turka GLUSTEIN sometime in the early 1800's
somewhere in Hungary. They had a son:

Max (Mark) NEUFELD was born in Budapest Hungary in April 1844 and died in
Manhattan, New York City on
July 15, 1907. His wife was:

Bertha SCHILLINGER born in May 1848 in Budapest Hungary. She died August 13,
1921 in Manhattan, New York City.

Her parents were Wolf (Farkas) SCHILLINGER and Anna (last name unknown).

Max and Bertha had 8 children, they are:

William (Vilmos) NEUFELD (my grandfather), was born August 18, 1869 in
Budapest Hungary and died November 25, 1913 in Brooklyn New York. He married
Fannie STERN in Budapest on July 5, 1891.

Fannie STERN, possibly born in Tiszaluc, Hungary. The town was written by
the clerk at Ellis Island phonetically and my best guess is that it was a
town on the river Tiza in Hungary, possibly Tiszaluc.

Vilmos and Fannie had 5 or 5 children, all were born in the United States,
in Brooklyn New York. There given names were Leah, Harry, Anna, Sidney (or
Sydney), Golde (maybe), and Regina (Ruth), (my mother)

The most important document I have is his birth record in Budapest. I also
have ships manifests, Naturalization records, etc for the NEUFELD's. Here
is an extract of the birth record of Vilmos NEUFELD that I have in my

***Birth Registration for Vilmos Neufeld, August 18,1869 in Budapest,
Austro-Hungarian Empire, (Israelitische Kirche Budapest, Kirchengemeinde,
Budapest - Neolog 1868-1871).***

I have a lot of other information, but this is the primary data of my

Anyone having any information about my family should feel free to contact
me, to say the least.


Ruffin Cooper
(so figure how a grandson of Vilmos NEUFELD is named Ruffin Cooper!)

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