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Vivian Kahn

After finding very few Jewish names in the 1828 Ujvaros Land Census,
I looked through the records for several nearby communities including
Vamfalu. In the Vamfalu records I found two households named MATYAS
(presumably the family of Leib MATYAS who wrote Bedamayich Chayi, the
Ujvaros Yizkor book based on the circumcision records of his
grandfather Matityahu Asher Zelig MATYAS) as well as two headed by a
Jew named BERKO. While I can not be certain that these are my
BERKOVITS family, given that my BERKOVITS family was living in
Ujvaros, a few km away, in the 1870's, it seems possible. The
Vamfalu records also list a Samuel MARKOVITS.

The writing is very difficult to read but it appers that one entry
reads "Aron Matyas 'Sido" and the other looks like "Kos or Kis
(little?) Matyas 'Sido". All of the Jewish households are identified
as subtenants. There is an entry under the observations column for
the two MATYAS households that looks like "Kunates harban ?? rendas?"
The comment following BERKO and MARKOVITS is "A 'haira Uvasggent?"
Any idea what these entries might be?

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