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Since I have never submitted an "individual vital statistic" application, I
cannot tell you with certainty about the speed, cost or amount of
information you are likely to receive. My experiences are based on the
"running account" which on two occasions resulted in a bonanza of vital
records on my ancestors. Unless you are researching a specific individual
without needing to know about his/her ancestors and descendants, I would
recommend the running account.

In my initial request which was submitted in English to the Minister of
Interior. I stated that I wanted a "demanding research" and set the cost
limit to $300. The application was mailed on March 17, 1997. Receipt of the
application was acknowledged by the Minister in a letter dated March 25
noting that the application was being passed to the State Regional Archives
in Bratislava to conduct the research. About five months later, I received
a letter >from the Director of the State archives stating that the research
had been completed and asked that I send an international money order for
$121. By mid-September, I received 11 photocopied documents whose
information far exceeded my expectations.

About a year later, I submitted a second request. This time, I did not use
the standard application form. Instead, I sent a letter, in English,
straight to the Director of the State Archives (Statny oblastny archiv v
Bratislave) itemizing the individuals about whom I wanted additional vital
information. I did not set a cost limit. The project lasted about a year
and cost came to about $240, but for all that, I received 55 photocopied
documents of immense value.

If you are seeking census and other non-vital records, I doubt these can be
obtained through the State Archives. You may need to consider hiring a
professional researcher or group that can access census records. For
example, I hired a research group in Budapest to obtain 1848 census records
that included specific counties in Slovakia. I also received through the
International Red Cross copies of documents >from the Slovak National
Archives (Slovensky Narodny Archiv v Bratislave). These documents were from
the 1940's that were arrest records, transport records, and the Jewish
census (Supis Zidov) of 1941.

I hope I answered your questions satisfactorily. If not, continue to ask.

Chapel Hill, NC


After much procrastination, I am finally ready to write for vital and
census records in Slovak archives and mail the darn application form to

I have printed up the forms >from the website and would appreciate your
input before sending them:

1) one other hsigger I spoke to used the form for "individual vital
statistics" rather than the running account. Supposedly it is faster and
possibly less expensive. Have no way to evaluate if this is so. What
criteria do you suggest I use to determine which search to initiate?

2) Did you submit the form in English?

3) I'm not sure how to answer the question about the dollar limit on
research. If I make it too high, will they over charge? If I make it too
low, will they limit the extent of their search? Can I just leave it


Mindy Soclof
Ann Arbor,MI

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