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Leslie Gyi <leslie@...>

visited Slovakia only for a day. Bratislava only. Was staying in Vienna
and drove over for the day. The border crossing was slow so be prepared for
the line. Ate at a wonderful restaurant on the Danube, in the hotel 'Blue
Danube'. would have liked to stay longer. Visited the castle. Little to
no English is spoken. There was only one sheet in English that they
generally won't give out, but let us use while we walked around. Exhibits
were not labeled in English for the most part. would definitely go back.
Both Czech Republic and Slovakia are a much better value for the dollar than
Vienna. Much as I love Vienna, it is very expensive. Opera can cost $300
there. In Prague its $30, for the same quality.

Traveled on local trains >from Vienna through Slovakia to Czech republic.
Not only didn't they speak English, there came a point where they either
didn't or wouldn't speak German. Used my Czech dictionary and grammar book
to compose simple sentences in Czech. If they didn't understand what I
said, cause I probably said it wrong, I wrote it down and that worked like a
charm. Had several prewritten 'take me to __________' for
cabs. 'How much does this cost?' Used them on the train and in the station
when no one spoke English or German.

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