Hungary SIG #Hungary More records from Dr. Gyemant. #hungary


Dear H-siggers,
I rec'd. a second bunch of records >from Dr. Gyemant in a week, the 1st had 4
records, the 2nd 3 records. Each record is $20.00 and that is ok but the
expenses for accomodations($40.00), travel, ($40.00) are the real killers.
This made his bill $185.00 the beginning of the week and $145.00 the end of
the week. I am beginning to think he may be collecting records and feeding
them to me a few at a time in order to make quite a bit extra! Also the
records are not very pertinent as they pertain mostly to a son born to my
great-grandfather's marriage to his 1st wife and so are not a direct line.
Has anyone had an experience such as this when dealing with Dr. Gyemant? And
if so, how did you handle it? We are living on small pensions! And also,
does anyone want to know about the records? The names are Taber/
Tauber/Tabar or Tabara and a new name Sigal. Dolores Strickland

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