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One more reason to attend the upcoming Jewish genealogy conference in SLC=
: =

The Holocaust is central to the consciousness of all Jewish
genealogists, as it is central to Jews generally. If it were not for the
Holocaust, our work as genealogists would be very different.

For that reason, the IAJGS is especially pleased to announce another of o=
special conference speakers. Sarah Ogilvie, director of educational
resources at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Musem (USHMM) in Washington,
D.C. will speak to us (Wednesday night, July 12) on "What Lies Ahead in
the Effort to Collect Holocaust Names."

Most recently, Sarah demonstrated the USHMM NameSearch
database of nearly one million names at the Yad Vashem Names Conference
where she conferred with leaders of all the major groups computerizing
names of Holocaust victims and surviviors. After that, she visited the
Red Cross International Tracing Service in Arolsen, Germany.

She will tell us not only what the USHMM is doing that can help us, but
all that is happening at other major organizations as well. At all of the=

organizations, the words most often heard are "computerization" and =

"Internet" (access). Come to the SLC Conference July 9-14 and find out fr=

Sarah what is really going on in the area of her expertise. =

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Anne Feder Lee, IAJGS board member
Honolulu, HI =

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