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I have recently determined that my great-great-grandmother, Anna /"Netti"
(ZERKOWITZ) TAUBER, widow of Leopold TAUBER of Trencin, died in Budapest
between 1900 and 1910. I would like to determine her exact date of
death, but am uncertain as to the best and most cost-effective way of
accomplishing this. Unfortunately for me, the FHC microfilm rolls for
Budapest only go up to 1895.

Does anyone out there have any experience requesting a search of Budapest
death records that needs to span a 10-year or 15-year timeframe? If so,
who is available to do such a search, and what is the general cost? Can
I write directly to the Archives? If that is the best way to do this,
what is the address I should use?

The death record searches I am interested in are as follows:
* my great-great-grandmother, Anna/ "Netti" (Zerkowitz) TAUBER, who d. in
Budapest between 1900 & 1910
* her daughter, Katharina /"Kati" (Tauber) ZERKOWITZ [or Czerkowicz], who
d. in Budapest between 1927 and 1940. (She was married to her 1st
cousin, Fulop Zerkowitz.)
* another daughter, Ilona /Helena /"Leni" (Tauber) DEUTSCH who d. in
Budapest between 1925 and 1940
* a granddaughter, Caecilie (Glasel) SINGER who d. in Budapest between
1945 and 1950

Any advice on how to do this would be much appreciated.

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts

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