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Hello Friends!

I would love to hear >from anone who might know anything about these
Jewish communities or the family names I am searching:

a) Salgotarjan, in the county of Nograd in the north. Elli (b. 1892)
and Loli WINTER were born to Dr. Simon WINTER (1869-1943) and Betti
SEIDNER. Betti was the daughter of Mor and Maria (nee FANY) SEIDNER.
Betti left her husband and went to Budapest with her daughters. I
believe she had a brother there. Simon WINTER remarried, though I know
nothing of his second wife. She is not buried with him in Salgotarjan.

b) Somogysard (formerly called Sard) in Somogy county south of Lake
Balaton. It is a village not far >from Nagybajom and Kaposvar. Rudolf
GLOCKNER (umlaut over the o) was born there in 1887. I know that there
were some siblings, one being a sister called Bozsi/Erzsebet/Elizabeth.
As a young man, Rudolf changed his name to Rezso GABOR, went to Budapest
and became an engineer. He was involved in the construction of the big
hotel in Lillafured.

Many thanks!

Michele Sankar

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