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Subject: Re: B/D/M records >from Michalovce (Nagy Mihaly)
Date: 14 Apr 2000 10:52:25 -0400

As someone on this list (Linda Cohen?) pointed out, it is possible
that jewish records are mixed in with church records. As I understand
it depending upon the size of the town, or how organized they were,
jews may not have had their own registrar. So birth registrations may
have been done by the local parish.
Dear Chaim,

Have you ever actually seen a parish birth registration with Jewish names in
it? I mean Jews, and not baptized Jews? Well, I have never seen it, and
frankly, I can not imagine the reason why a priest or minister would record
a Jews, or anybody outside his fold.

I remember, that there was a dicussion on this topic before, but there was
no general agreement on the point. If anyone has new arguments or facts to
add, I am quite curious to learn.

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