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Sorry to disagree with the Family Tree folks, but the Satoraljaujhely
LDS films do exist: 0642954 thru 0642957. They span >from 1841 to 1895.


At Fri, 14 Apr 2000 15:47:48 EDT, KPeter3434@... wrote:
>| I received a reply >from Szilvia Csuka, ...with Family Tree
Ltd., who stated that the Jewish records >from Michalovce are located
in Satoraljaujhely and can only be viewed locally as they have not
been microfilmed.
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mod.- I beleive that the reference of the original post was to the location of the Michalovce Jewish records being in the regional archives at S.Ujhely. The LDS film numbers that Tom posted is for the S.Ujhely Jewish records, and not the ones for Michalovce's Jewish community. Nevertheless the S.Ujhely archives do have many tax listings, census records, and miscellaneous documents regarding the Jewish communities throughout Zemplen county and which were once part of Hungary but are now part of the Slovak Republic. However, the metrical records, that is Birth, Death and Marriage records for the Jewish community that were recorded >from 1851 (perhaps earlier) through 1895 reside in the regional archives located in Presov, Slovakia.LS

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