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Subject: ZEHYLEM (DeutschKreuz)
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:39:38 PDT

Dear H-Siggers,
A new (Hebrew) book was published not long ago under the title:
"KEHILAT ZEHLEM VeCHACHAMEA" (The community of ZEHLEM and its sages).

ZEHLEM is the jewish name for DEUTSCHKREUZ (Nemetkeresztur)
which is located in Burgenland (Austria).
The Hungarian name is Ne'metkeresztu'r.

The etymology of the German, Hungarian and Hebrew/Yiddish name is similar.

In German DEUTSCHKREUZ means German cross, if I am not mistaken.

In Hungarian Ne'metkeresztu'r means the German cross of the lord (i.e.
Jesus). Of course, the cross is not German, but to distinguish this village
from others of similar names (e.g. Bodrogkeresztur).
Zehlem means pagan idol, and denotes the same cross.

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