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I'm searching for passports of Jewish emigrants who left Marseille in
1940-1941, containing visas issued by the Brazilian Ambassador Luiz
Martins de Souza DANTAS.

Most of the emigrants came to Brazil, but many others used the visas
to get to other countries, mostly to the USA.

Fabio Koifman, a History Professor >from Rio de Janeiro, recently published
a very interesting book about the life of the Brazilian Ambassador
Luiz Martins de Souza DANTAS, who served in France during the Holocaust.

DANTAS issued visas to hundreds of Jews in occupied France after the Nazi
takeover in 1940. He did this against strict orders >from the pro-fascist
Brazilian government headed by Getulio Vargas and at great risk to his
diplomatic career.

Several of the Jews who arrived in Brazil were detained by the Brazilian
government but were released later on. DANTAS was among the diplomats
sent to Germany by the Nazis in 1942. He spent 14 months interned in Bad

These facts, still not very well known in Brazil, are focused on by
Koifman's book, which will certainly contribute to the acknowledgement
process of Souza DANTAS (as a Righteous Gentile) by Yad Vashem.

Don Quixote in the Darkness - Ambassador Souza Dantas and the Nazi
refugees. by Fabio Koifman (no English translation yet).
Rio de Janeiro Record Publishing House -2002 ISBN 85-01-06303-7

Yvonne Stern Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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