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tom klein <tom_klein@...>

first, there are lots of authoritative sources on the holocaust in
hungary. apart >from books, you can also find material on the
internet, etc. (starting with the <> site,
which has a search feature, and the h-sig, hungarian special interest
group, at <>.)

in more general terms, the men of military age were drafted and put
into forced labour battalions, mostly on the russian front. women,
children and the elderly were mostly shipped off to auschwitz to be
murdered, with the exception of about 30,000 who were kept for slave
labour and possibly ransoming in some form of "jews for trucks" deal.
(jewish slave labour was a valuable commodity which the ss sold to
private industry - see "schindler's list".) several transports were
sent to strasshof in austria instead. there is currently a
discussion of this going on through the h-sig list, which you should
be able to find by searching in the archives for "strasshof".


....... tom klein, toronto

mim>> Subject: Ujferherto Hungary From: "marciarthur"
mim>> <> Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 23:21:33 -0400
mim>> X-Message-Number: 49
mim>> I'm helping my cousin search for his family. What concentration
mim>> camp would the Jews of Ujferherto Hungary be sent?
mim>> Thanks, Marcia Indianer Meyers

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